About Joe Miles

Joe, like many others, started hunting at a very young age and his father taught him a lot in the outdoors. He fell in love with bow hunting whitetail deer in the South and still has that passion today. However, he also knew growing up that he wanted to become a Professional Hunter in Africa. After graduating from Wofford College in South Carolina he was accepted to the very prestigious G.A. Steenkamp professional hunters school in South Africa. There were 11 South Africans and Joe in this school and he was 1 of only 6 to complete and pass the school. He then spent the next few years working as an apprentice under different Professional Hunters around Africa before getting his full PH license. He is one of only a few US citizens to hold a cherished Professional Hunters License.

Joe has been very fortunate over the years and has hunted or guided in 11 different countries. He has hunted with some of the best outfitters and seen the worst as well. Joe gained a wealth of knowledge coming up through the ranks as a PH and that is what led him to start Sporting Adventures International, LLC. Sporting Adventures International was created to simply offer the best of the best in the hunting world. Joe wanted to offer Big Game hunters the greatest adventure in the world of big game hunting which bar none is where he hunts in Africa; and he also wanted to offer wing shooters the very best wing shooting in the world which is why he operates exclusively in Argentina.

During the summer months Joe spends his time in Northern Mozambique and Southern Tanzania guiding hunters on dangerous game safaris. The rest of the year he is in the office working hard to line up hunts for other folks or spending time with his wife and 7 year old son. You can also find him during the November rut in Illinois and Kansas still chasing those whitetail bucks around with his bow.

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