Argentina Big Game

Argentina Big Game Hunting is really starting to get international interest and recognition. With over 15 species to hunt and only 10 hours flight time (directly south with no jet lag) from Atlanta, Georgia, Argentina has started to rival even Africa. The real advantage to our Ranch is the size of the Red Stag it produces each year. We have taken the number one free range stag with a rifle (477″) and bow (389″). There is really no reason now to fly all the way to New Zealand for a giant red stag.¬†We have them and they are FREE RANGE unlike New Zealand where everything is fenced. Our Estancia is over 40,000 acres of free range hunting and is some of the best big game country in Argentina. We are located only 1 hours and 20 minutes from the Bariloche airport in northern Patagonia. We recommend groups of no larger than four hunters and at least 5 full days of hunting. Our hunting is done on horse back or with the use of 4 wheel drive vehicles to access the good areas and then spot and stalk on foot. Shots can be long, up to 300 yards, so we recommend flat shooting rifles (7mm, 30.06, or .300 Weatherby just to name a few).

Agustin FrancoOur bow hunting has also started to take off and the Stag hunting during the rut with a bow is loads of fun. Also this is the only place in the world where you can hunt free-range Pere David’s deer which is an awesome trophy. Another good advantage to hunting in Argentina is that the rut is March/April since we are in the Southern Hemisphere so it will not interfere with hunting big game in North America.

The Lodging and food are out of this world and almost as good as the hunting. Please give us a call or send us an email for more information on our big game hunting in Argentina and all the rates and packages.


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