Sample Itinerary

We can make all travel arrangements for you. From your airline tickets, to additional days of touring in Argentina, we have the people in place to take care of all of this. Our ticket broker in Miami can get very competitive rates for all the flights in and out of Argentina and we would suggest checking with him before you book your flights.

Sample Hunting Itinerary

Buenos Aires, Argentina is a great city and considered to be the New York or Paris of South America. If your schedule allows, we highly recommend spending a few days before or after your hunt enjoying all the city has to offer. Our team of tour guides in Buenos Aires is the best and they help organize everything from dinner reservations to trips to Iguazu Falls. If traveling through Buenos Aires, spending the first night of arrival is not necessary but it does help with the travel. The trip will be much more relaxed and there will be no rush going between the two airports in Buenos Aires. This will also help in the case of a delayed flight or missing luggage.

However, the best way to fly if your schedule does not allow for additional days is to fly from the US to Santiago, Chile and then directly into Cordoba. This way you arrive in Cordoba early and have a longer first afternoon shoot and you also get a longer morning shoot your day of departure. You also avoid the changing of the airports that you must do if flying through Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Day one: Depart your home airport in the afternoon to one of the nearest above mentioned cities. Take an overnight flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina or Santiago, Chile.

Day two: (If your arrival city is Buenos Aires, Argentina.) After clearing customs our team of tour guides in Buenos Aires will meet you and get your guns cleared. After these formalities they will take you by private van to the domestic airport for a short one hour flight to Cordoba (unless you are spending the night in Buenos Aires in which case they will take you to your hotel and then you will fly to Cordoba the next morning). Manuel or Octavio (our English speaking guides and hosts) will meet you in Cordoba and drive the group one hour to the dove shooting Estancia. After unpacking and lunch you will head out to the fields for the first afternoon shoot. Dinner and drinks back at the Estancia.

If arrival in Santiago, Chile you would be in transit for 1 hour and then take a 2 hour flight from Santiago to Cordoba, Argentina. Manuel or Octavio would meet you there and you would continue with the above program.

Day three and four will be full days of shooting with lunch out in the field cooked “Gaucho” style over an open fire complete with tenderloins, greens, and great Argentina Red Wine.

Day five we will shoot this morning and head back to the Cordoba airport and on to Buenos Aires in plenty of time for your flight home.

Day six you would arrive back at your home airport around mid morning to mid day.

Again, days can be added to this itinerary for shooting or touring if you would like.