Argentina Ducks

Argentina duck shooting is a very specialized hunting trip, and like waterfowl hunting anywhere, you have to be with a professional operation to have success. Argentina is the last place in the world for true high volume duck shooting. Joe Miles, owner of Sporting Adventures, worked several seasons in the Mississippi Delta for large duck and goose hunting outfitters and learned what worked and what doesn’t. He has taken that knowledge to help develop our operations in Argentina to have a little more “American” approach to duck hunting. Our duck hunting operations are different than most in Argentina. We offer hunts in the providences of Buenos Aires, Entre Rios, and Santa Fe. The reason we have three different operations for duck hunting in different parts of the country is because just like here in the US the birds can move, you can have a drought, or you can have flooding. If we only had one place to hunt we would be at the mercy of Mother Nature and Argentina is too far to go to get the “that’s why they call it hunting” speech. We do everything in our power to give the hunter the greatest duck shooting experience ever. Having three operations in different parts of the country certainly helps with that when we are dealt unfortunate weather or bird conditions. We can actually move hunters from one operation in the south of the country to our northern operation if the shooting is better up north, or vice versa.

argentina-ducks-8Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes from the international airport in Buenos Aires is our La Plegaria Estancia. This is a very good option close to Buenos Aires and the shooting is great in small marshes and cattle ponds. Decoying ducks are what you will shoot here and this operation is hosted by an American gentleman that knows ducks.  Our Santa Fe operation is an hour and half flight from Buenos Aires and located in San Javier. This is our hard core duck hunter’s destination as you hunt on the Parana River Delta with big rice fields and the flood plain drainages along the river. The season here is also longer and can stretch out to 8 months a year. The morning boat rides will remind you of hunting in Arkansas, but the bag limits will not!

Our mornings are high volume duck shoots for over 12 different species of ducks (2 different Pintails, Widgeon, 3 different Teal, Rosy Bill, 2 different Tree ducks, and Shovelers make up the majority of the species). Our morning hunts are from day light until about 10:30 to 11:00AM. We hunt out of well-placed well-built blinds with decoys (no muddy, soft bottom marsh flats to stand in all morning), unless of course, the ducks move and then we may have to move with them to a new set-up. You do not need waders for this hunt… only hip boots. Our blinds are moved weekly so you always have new set-ups to hunt. All of our shooting is at decoying ducks. We have electronic callers or bird boys to call and a nice size spread of decoys that we put out the morning you shoot (they are not left out for weeks at a time). We always have a fresh set up for each blind. Our afternoon shoots are also very good but normally do not yield as many as the mornings. During some times of the year Perdiz (partridge) and pigeons can be hunted in the afternoons.

We like to keep our groups small, to a maximum of six duck hunters at a time, and we recommend at least a four day hunt. We limit our number of hunters to 100 per year as we have found this is the best way to ensure a quality high volume duck shoot year after year.

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Includes everything except: shells, license, gun rental, airfare, transportation to the lodge (charter planes or land transfers are available), or any gratuities.
Please call for available dates: season runs from mid March – December 15th, depending on where you are hunting.
4 day hunt – $3,900 per person