Tanzania Hunting Camps & Concessions

Tanzania hunting concessions

Our Tanzania hunting concessions are some of the best in all of Africa. They are highly sought after concessions and have been controlled by us for many years. The management and trophy quality are as good as you will find in any country in Africa today.

Ugunda: is probably the best Lion area in Tanzania; we are 100% successful on Lion and Leopard in this block. The Lion population is very high and the quality of the lion is excellent. This block also has very good Leopard, Sable and east African Roan. There is $7,000 premium to hunt this block. Quota is very limited in this block.

Moyowosi: has very good Lion and massive Leopard as well as good Sable, Buffalo and Sitatunga all in one area. It is a good place to do full bag hunts. This block also produces good Elephant each year.

Rufiji: is good for Elephant, Leopard, Lion (Lions in this area are very big but do not have great manes) Buffalo, Roosevelt Sable and plains game. This area is full of animals and the hunter looking for a good well rounded safari with 100% success on Buffalo and Leopard will not find a better area. This area is also very close to Dar es Salaam so the charter flight is pretty inexpensive.

Mbarang'andu: this concession borders the southern part of the Selous Game reserve. This is a true big 4 (lion, leopard, buffalo, and elephant) paradise. The area is large (over 2,000 square miles) and the elephant hunting is some of the best in Tanzania. The lion here have good manes and the success rate is 80%. Elephant success rate is 100% from 40 - 60 pounds with 80 pound bulls taken each year. Leopard success rate is 100% and buffalo is 100% with bulls from 40"- 42" common. Plains game can be a little sparse but the Eland and Sable are good in Mbarang'andu.

Talamai: This concession is south of the Tarangire National Park and north of the Selous Game Reserve. The Leopard hunting in Talamai is world class. Leopards of 190 pounds and 7' 6" - 7' 10" are taken every year. The Massiland species are also very good in Talamai, (Lesser Kudu, Gerenuk, Dik Dik, etc.). Every now and again a spectacular lion comes out of Talamai. If you are after a big leopard this is the place to go.

Burunge: borders the Tarangire National Park and has the best buffalo in Tanzania. The average size is 42 inches and we commonly take Buffalo 45-46" inches each season. If a bib buffalo is your priority this is the place. Quota is very limited. You also get some of pretty good plains game animals in this area.


All our camps are luxury tented camps with flush toilets and hot water for showering 24 hours a day. All camps have battery packs and generators so that there are lights in the tents all night. Our camps are some of the most comfortable in Tanzania. All camps and hunting blocks are exclusive to your safari. The communications are very good and the staff is very well organized. The supplies and food are always 100% and this really puts the finishing touches on a great safari.

When you book your safari with us you are booking with someone in the US that will hunt with you in Africa and will be back in the US after the season to make sure all goes well with your trophy handling and taxidermy. From the time you book your safari until your trophies are completely mounted and in your home or office we will be taking care of every little detail at no additional cost to you.

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