Tanzania Rates & Trophy Fees

10 Day Buffalo Hunt

Total: $24,900-00 1X1 - 2X1 is $19,900.00

The Following animals can be hunted in the Selous Concessions on the 10 day hunt: Baboon, 2 Buffalo, Bushpig, Lichtenstein Hartebeest, Impala, Warthog, Wildebeest, Zebra and Birds.

Most Buffalo hunts will take place in a Rufiji (Ngarambe/ Tapika), Selous K3, or Mbarang'andu. These areas are in or border the Selous Game Reserve and are excellent blocks for Buffalo. All Buffalo hunters are 100% successful on Buffalo and size ranges from 38 inches to 42 inches (average). Buffalo over 42 inches are taken from time to time.

We also have a block that borders the Tarangire National Park that is very good for Buffalo. Average size is 42 inches and we commonly take Buffalo 45 inches and above each season. There is an extra fee of $4,500-00 to do a 10 day Buffalo hunt in this area. Quota is limited on Buffalo in Burunge. In Burunge the other animals available to hunt are as follows: Grant Gazelle, Thompson Gazelle, Warthog, Baboon, Cokes Hartebeest, East African Impala, Wildebeest, Zebra.

16 Day Leopard, Buffalo and Plains Game Hunts

Total: $45,400.00

Most of our leopard hunts are done in Rifiji, Mbarang'andu, Moyowosi and Talamai. Talamai is south of the Tarangire National Park and north of the Selous Game Reserve. The Leopard hunting in Talamai is world class. Leopards of 190 pounds and 7' 6" - 7' 10" are taken every year. The Massiland species are also very good in Talamai, (Lesser Kudu, Gerenuk, Dik Dik, etc). There is a $7,150 premium fee added to hunt in Talamai.

16 Day Elephant Hunt

Total: $45,400.00

Most of our Elephant hunts are done in Rifiji, Mbarang'andu, Moyowosi and our Selous concessions. Big bulls can be found in all of these areas. Mbarang'andu is world famous for big elephant and the southern part of this concession is one of the best areas left in Africa for big elephant. In the late season you will literally see hundreds of elephants a day and can expect a bull from 50-70 pounds with a real giant coming out of there every year. We are 100% on our Elephant hunts.

21 Day Lion, Leopard, Buffalo and Plains Game Hunts

Total: $62,500.00

The areas we hunt in Tanzania are first class areas and the success rate on all cats is second to none. The areas we do our 16 day and 21 day cat hunts are Ugunda, Moyowosi, Talamai, Mbrang'andu and Rufiji.

Ugunda is probably the best Lion area in Tanzania; we are 100% successful on Lion and Leopard in this block. The Lion population is very high and the quality of the lion is excellent. This block also has very good Leopard, Sable and east African Roan. There is $7,000 premium to hunt this block. Quota is limited in this block.

Elephant can be added to any 21 day hunt in Rufiji, Moyowosi, and Mbarang'andu for an additional fee of $10,000-00. We shoot very good Elephant in Tanzania each year.

28 Day Safari

Total: $71,500.00

This is the full bag safari where you can hunt everything in Tanzania, hunt multiple areas to include, lion, leopard, 3 buffalo, elephant, Massiland species, and all plains game. The areas we have to conduct this hunt are some of the best in Tanzania and we are the only company that can offer you this full bag safari in our own personal areas.

Daily Rates Include:

  • Meet and Great on arrival.
  • Luxury tented accommodation with in-suite bathrooms.
  • All meals and beverages in moderation.
  • Daily laundry services.
  • Service of a licensed professional hunter, tracker, skinner, camp supervisor, gun bearer, cook, waiter, and tent boy.
  • Well equipped four wheel drive safari vehicle.
  • Dip and pack of trophies
  • All Government fees, concession fees, and hunting permits
  • Export Fees
  • Gun permits for two guns
  • Exclusive camp, Exclusive hunting.

Daily Rates Exclude:

  • Air charter costs.
  • Alcoholic Beverages.
  • Hotel accommodations before, during or after the safari.
  • Air - Freight charges and taxidermy charges for trophies.
  • Game fees for trophies killed or wounded.
  • Elephant premium $US 10,000


All of these safaris are conducted on large, free-range, hunting concessions throughout the game rich areas of Tanzania.


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