David Ricketts
Lakeland, Florida
Fleetwing Oil

"The past two trips to Argentina you put together for my group have been truly outstanding! The hunting (Dove & Duck), accommodations and outstanding guide services made for a fantastic experience. We received a very warm welcome from both Manuel Lainez at Posta del Norte during our dove hunt and from Carlos & Belen Debaisieux at Pampas Ducks where we did our duck hunting. If you would like to experience some of the finest wing-shooting in the world along with 5-star accommodations, you need to book a trip to these facilities in Argentina! Thanks again Joe Miles for a trip of a life-time!"

John F. Floyd
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Gordon Farms Real Estate Development

"Thank you for running a top notch hunting company, it has taken the uncertainty of foreign travel away. From getting rifles into Spain and Africa, to shotguns into Argentina, to having someone meeting you at customs that speaks the language and knows what to do to get you in the country, you think of it all. However, what makes your company better than others is the service after the hunt. Your people help you check your guns and even get your seat on the plane. When you get home, you handle all the work on getting the trophies mounted and skins tanned, but most importantly you get them to the house. You deal with the customs and federal people not me. With you, the hunt is not over until the trophy is on the WALL."

Howell V. Bellamy, Jr. Esquire
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
The Bellamy Law Firm

"I have had the pleasure of booking hunting trips to Argentina over the past several years with Joe Miles, and he has, in my opinion, excelled in booking great hunting facilities where the game is plentiful, the accommodations are wonderful and the food is outstanding. Joe is very efficient and stays on top of the arrangements so that the trip ends up being a real pleasure. I would highly recommend Joe if you want to go to Argentina, or for that matter, any other destination."

David Brashear
Charlotte, North Carolina
Johnson Roofing, President


I would like to compliment you on your new operation. The level of organization that you have brought to all the prehunt preparations is excellent. The package we were presented in terms of flights, pick-ups, and accommodations was always right on target. This has been an enormous benefit to me since my wife is my primary hunting companion and she does not like surprises.

The hunts have always exceeded our expectations. The level of service you have arranged for us on the five trips over the past year has been extraordinary. The opportunities for whatever game we have elected to hunt has been the best I have encountered over the past 17 years of my hunting travels.

Your passion for the hunt and your professionalism is truly appreciated. Keep up the good work. We are looking forward to each of our upcoming trips.

Your Friend,


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